I'm not a professional

Something equally exciting and terrifying about building startups is that you have to do a million things you've never done before. 

Even once your start hiring people, there are going to be huge gaps in your team's collective experience since you'll only hire people you need the most. Inevitably, when a gap opens, it's my job as a founder to fill them.

The one I'm attempting to fill now is "growth". If it sounds broad, it's because it is. While I've been successful at a few channels before, being responsible and strategizing for all of them at once is something I haven't. 

For now, these posts are going to be one part accountability journal and one part sharing my learnings as I cross the chasm of startup growth for Deft (shopdeft.com). I hope I can make things just a little less terrifying for myself and anyone out there searching for answers.